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Data-Explainable Website Fingerprinting with Network Simulation


This page describes research artifacts for the following research publication:

Data-Explainable Website Fingerprinting with Network Simulation
Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PoPETs), 2023
by Rob Jansen and Ryan Wails

If you reference this paper or use any of the data or code provided on this site, please cite the paper. Here is a bibtex entry for latex users:

  author = {Rob Jansen and Ryan Wails},
  title = {Data-Explainable Website Fingerprinting with Network Simulation},
  journal = {Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies},
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Our artifact contains two primary contributions: (1) Datasets of cell traces gathered from crawling the live Tor network and produced during the execution of Shadow simulations, and (2) Analysis scripts and code used to run our ML experiments. We also provide a Dockerfile and the Shadow configuration files that we used to run our Shadow experiments. However, due to the resource demands of running the Shadow simulations, we do not expect these to be used directly by future researchers and therefore we do not provide precise documentation for them. Finally, we provide some details about our patched version of wget2.

You will want to have a copy of the artifact if you intend to work with our data or run our scripts. You can obtain a copy of the repository from Github with:

git clone

We have broken our artifact into multiple parts, each of which is described on its own subpage of this site:

  1. The data page describes the datasets we make available
  2. The ML page describes our machine learning analyses
  3. The wget2 page describes our patched version of wget2
  4. The Shadow page describes our Shadow config files